Best Web-Based CRM Software 2023 Reviews & Pricing

Mid- to large-scale companies use Creatio to manage the entire customer journey with efficiency. Zoho CRM offers features like pipeline management, an AI-powered conversational assistant, and task management. One of Zoho CRM’s most popular features is its customization capabilities, which allows users to basically create their own version of Zoho. Just like everything in today’s IT world, contemporary CRM systems now offer new possibilities, flexible costs, as well as easy maintenance and deployment. You want to choose a CRM that, when onboarded, feels like an extension of your company…simply an added layer on the processes, tools, and habits you’ve already inculcated.

CRM costs range from free to upward of $1,000 per month, so it’s best to set your budget before you start shopping. It’s easier to narrow down your options by eliminating CRM software outside your price range before you drill down into feature sets and service plans. Long gone are the days when CRM was just a simple database that stored customer information. Now, it’s an intelligent, proactive, AI-powered platform that empowers employees with the information they need to make the best decisions for every customer.

Creatio CRM

Its ease of use and limitless configuration options aid in lead management. Customizable Web Forms created by users can be embedded directly into your website or newsletter. You can easily import leads with so many CRM and contact management integrations. There are countless other tools that can be integrated with cloud CRM software.

  • In addition to being pricey upfront, many CRM services have hidden costs.
  • Zoho CRM works best for lead and contact management, sales pipeline management, and purchase control.
  • These provide sales managers with information about the performance of their teams.
  • It can provide your customer service reps with the information needed to route service tickets correctly and handle issues to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • It also offers reports to help you identify and segregate your potential leads who exhibit buying behaviors.
  • From customer service to marketing, from IT to sales, cloud based CRM solutions help save time and increase productivity.
  • On-premise systems are usually charged from the get go, in the form of a lump sum.

It also has a streamlined automated scheduling system that syncs calendars between mobile and desktop for anywhere access. Hubspot is specifically designed for growing teams, so it includes some of the most basic CRM features like contact management and lead management. It also has features for tracking and measuring performance metrics so managers can coach their teams to greater success. Initially developed for project management,’s CRM solution has gained some popularity for its uncomplicated UI. One standout feature is its drag and drop function, which provides an easy editing option for organizing leads within and between tables.

Less Annoying CRM (Best cloud based CRM for ease of use)

When going through cloud based CRM examples, be sure that the vendor does regular fixes and updates. As the name suggests, Less Annoying CRM offers a simplified solution to help small businesses manage their contacts, follow up on their leads, and track them effectively without “getting you annoyed”. The user-friendly system takes just a while to set up and is effortless to use. Using Insightly, you can track relevant lead data, marketing campaigns, communication, and tasks to analyze the overall business workflow and automate it.

It’s important to know going into a relationship with a provider that they can be trusted to keep your data and communications safe. Without this assurance, you run an enormous risk in today’s trust economy of damaging your company’s relationships from a potentially insecure host platform. In fact, 78% of customers would stop engaging with a brand online following a security breach.

Choosing the Best Cloud-Based CRM Solution

It can take a good deal of work to get your CRM to this point, and not all the tested products can do it. But taking advantage of deep customizability is one of the most effective ways to make sure your CRM instance is as easy to use as possible. Ensuring good data quality is a matter of testing and constant vigilance. Depending on the size of your staff and your CRM investment, the Validity report recommends you should also consider appointing a data management professional as the lead on keeping your CRM data clean. That person should manage the entire data flow, including not just your CRM but any apps connected to it.

CRM cloud software

It is this compatibility that makes Cloud-based CRM an even more appropriate choice for for your business. Why would anyone invest in a software that cannot open your documents, save your contacts or be able to integrate the e-mail system that you’re using? That is why compatibility with other products and services is the key to ensuring CRM’s longevity and effectiveness. Shagun is a content marketer at Kylas, extremely well-versed in all things Marketing. She works closely with the sales team to create best-in-class content for our readers. Her experience combined with her thorough research skills makes all her blogs very in-depth and insightful.

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